Traveling the world is amazing. You get to see things you’d never had seen otherwise and experience cultures that teach you to be a better you. However, everyone has had that moment where they’ve lost something and felt sick knowing it’s probably gone for good. As experts of travel security, we’re all about keeping that feeling a thing of the past and helping others to make every future trip a positive one. With that in mind, here are 5 ingenious ways to keep your valuables safe when traveling.

Mail Expensive Items To And From Your Destination

This is an interesting one, since most of the conventional wisdom out there says to keep your valuables on you at all times. However, assuming you don’t need something on your plane trip, just when you get there (or have bought something while away) mail can be a great option. This is especially great for an expensive dress you want for a special event or even jewelry. Most good providers like FedEx are very safe and include an insurance option just in case something does go awry. It also means one less thing to carry. Hello extra room in your bag for that extra pair of shoes you wanted to fit in.

Distribute cash between different places

Cash is super handy when it comes to traveling. If you’re somewhere like Berlin or Hong Kong, it’s hard to find a cab that takes credit card. Plus, street vendors around South East Asia much prefer to barter in cash. A great way to get a bargain. If you’re traveling somewhere with cash on hand, it’s a great idea to distribute it in different places, just in case one stash is compromised. Some in a wearable pouch, some in a hidden backpack pocket, some under the insole of your shoe and, surprise, some in your wallet. Just remember where you hid it all, or some could go missing, only to be found after you return and unpack.

Carry a fake wallet

This one isn’t needed everywhere you go, but if you’re adventuring to somewhere that has issues with theft, it’s a great idea to carry a fake wallet with a few dud cards and minor cash in there. A pickpocket will think they’ve scored the motherload when really your actual cash is stored snug in that wearable pouch you have under your t-shirt. Should the absolute worst happen and you’re mugged, you can get away with your much more valuable body intact by handing them a wallet without any real concern you’re losing something you’ll need later on. A nifty insurance policy to keep you at ease in uncertain places.

Digitize important documents

Hotel booking receipts, plane tickets, insurance policies, even your passport. It’s a great idea to have scans (or just photos) of these on your phone and also saved in the cloud. That way, if any of this stuff goes missing during your travels, you’ve got copies to pull out and keep you traveling with minor disruption. Sure, no airport is going to let you go through customs with a photo of your passport instead of the real thing, but it will make it MUCH easier to get a new one if you have all of the details you need for a replacement.

Pack a bag with ingenious security built-in

Rather than resorting to nifty tricks, it can also be a lot more relaxing to simply pack a bit of security with you. Think an anti-theft backpack or luggage that locks. Lockable zips protect the gear in your bag, anchor straps that lock around an immovable object protect the bag itself, and RFID blocking pockets protect your identity from unwanted scans as well. For a bag that has all of this built in and more, the Venturesafe EXP45 is a top-selling carry-on backpack that is ideal for taking on travels. Shop it here.

Stay tuned on the blog for more expert safety tips in the coming months. As always, enjoy the trip and Safe Travels.

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