5 Tips to Help You Prevent Theft While Travelling

June 16, 2016 3 min read

Everyone strives to have a safe international trip, but unfortunately, not everyone knows exactly how to stay safe while travelling. Preparing for an international holiday can already be stressful, and worrying about safety can make things even more so.  Don’t worry – with a few simple safety tips, you’ll be armed with the skills you need to ensure you travel safe on your next getaway.
Be Aware of Your Surroundings
Situational awareness is key when keeping yourself and your valuables safe. And this begins before you travel. Check the internet or your intended country’s travel authority for information about the destination you’re visiting. This is a good place to start learning about what types of crimes criminals commit and how they do so.
When you’re travelling, avoid distractions such as listening to music or looking at your phone when you’re in crowded places such as public transport.
Always Keep a Hand on Your Bag
Thieves always target unattended bags first. Or bags they can easily grab and run. Be sure you always have a hand on your bag, don’t just leave it slung over your shoulder. Otherwise, wear a cross body bag instead. If you can’t hold it be sure your bag is secured to some part of your body, such as your shoulder or waist. For added security, use the Turn & Lock security hook on your Pacsafe Slingsafe LX300 backpack, and secure it to a table or chair when you are at a cafe or lunch.
Limit Visibility of your Belongings
If possible, keep your bag out of sight. When on a bus, place your bag on the floor in front of your seat. Place your legs through the straps so a thief can’t grab it and run away. Some countries have open air modes of transportation, such as rickshaws or tuk tuks. Be sure to keep your bags away from the area that’s easily accessed from the street. This will prevent someone from driving up and taking your belongings then speeding away. The hardest bag to steal is the one they don’t know exists.  Alternatively, a discrete cross body bag that can be worn under your jacket, like the Citysafe CS50 anti-theft cross body purse is a great option.
Not Everyone Is a Friend
Be wary of strangers touching you. Misdirection is a common tactic used to steal from people. A person might bump into you, spill a drink on you, or ask for help while their accomplice grabs your bag or wallet. Being friendly is fine but limit physical contact.  When shopping or engaging with locals, never put your bag down. Try and always keep your bag in front of you or at least within arm’s length.
Separate your Valuables
In the worst case you are robbed, losing everything is far worse than losing a few things. Keep your valuables as separate as possible. Specifically, your passport and cash/credit cards. These two should never be together unless secured in a safe. If you lose your passport at least, you have cash to survive. If you lose cash, you’ll have your passport to use as collateral or identification. I recommend having two debit/credit cards and a minimum of 50 Euro in cash away from your passport.
By Erik Prince

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