March 06, 2017 2 min read

The world isn’t your oyster; it’s your education. In an almost borderless world, it has become easier for us tostudy abroad. After all, what could be better than getting an education while experiencing the world? The options are nearly endless, but here are a few of the best university cities in the world if you plan to further your education overseas.
Barcelona, Spain*

While Spain has many great cities to study in (we’re looking at you, Madrid), Barcelona tops the list. Its unique history gives it a completely different cultural vibe than the rest of the country. Also, the university community is small enough to have a network, yet the city is big enough to have more around you than just the school.
*technically Spain, but really Catalonia and you’ll speak more English than Spanish (bonus points if you know Catalan)
Berlin, Germany

Berlin is proclaimed as the most multi-cultural city in Germany, and you have the students to thank for that. Coming from all over the world, you will find that this city is an educational hub for international students. English is easy, the metro system is vast and cheap, and the beer is good. Plus, like many cities in Europe, the whole continent is just a train ride away to escape to during the weekends. It’s probably the only city you can study in while having apicnic at an old airport. Oh yeah, the wholefree tuition thing is also a plus.
Flagstaff, Arizona, USA

Arizona is home to the largest university in the country (Arizona State) but Tempe’s neighbor to the north has the whole package. Flagstaff is a small community. With ski town vibes and an incredible university (Northern Arizona University), this city comes packed with all the outdoor activities you could ask for, for any season. Plus you’re just a few hours away from the spectacular Grand Canyon, lively Las Vegas, beautiful Californian beaches, and a tequila and taco infused Mexican spring break.
Ningbo, China

Moving from the traditional cities with the best universities (cough, cough, Europe), Ningbo offers several options for English-speaking/teaching universities with an immersive cultural experiences and easy access to all of China by train. You’ll also be able to fly all over Southeast Asia with cheap flights.
Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden is home to some of the biggest names in innovation (you can thank the Swedes for your Candy Crush and Spotify addiction), so naturally its capital is a great option for those looking for an innovative education. Old charm and modern vibes, Stockholm is a great place for those with green and open minds.
Tel Aviv, Israel

With great computer science and tech education, gorgeous beaches, and delicious hummus – what more could a student want? Tel Aviv is a great alternative to the big European cities. Furthermore, the city’s bikeable roads grant easy access to Israel’s rich history with an international feel (and incredible food).
If you’re planning to study abroad, you now have a whole list of great cities and universities to explore.
Jessica Elliot
Jessica Elliot has an ambitious life goal – to visit every country in the world, sharing stories, pictures and videos along the way. Follow her incredible journey on Instagram now.

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