July 22, 2017 2 min read

From New York City to San Francisco, traveling by subway is by far the most convenient and economical way to get around the big cities in the US. It is also one of thesafest ways to travel.
Here are fivetravel safety tips for riding the subway:

Download a subway map
Subway systems can be daunting. There are so many lines and stations that are interconnected, it’s no wonder people feel overwhelmed and disoriented the minute they step into the station. To ease your life, download the subway map on your phone to help you plan your route. Free apps like Google Maps and Transit also include schedules, trip planners and real-time service status updates.  

Stay away from the platform edge
Don’t stand near the edge of the platform – stand behind the yellow line while waiting for your train to arrive. Last year, 168 people were struck by trains in New York City and as many as 48 people died from the crash. Be extremely cautious in the train station – you don’t have to stand at the edge of the platform to wait for the train. You’ll still be able to see (and hear) when the train is approaching. Remember, safety is everything!

Follow good subway etiquette
Let people get off the train first before stepping onboard. If you can’t get a seat, find a pole to hold on to – it’s hard to keep your balance when the train is moving. Don’t lean against the pole; leave some room for others to hold on to.

Keep an eye on your belongings
If you managed to get a seat on the subway, be sure to keep your bags on your lap or on the floor where you can see it. Petty crime is common so keep an eye on your belongings at all times. If you are standing, wear your backpack or handbag in front of you, and don’t put your phone or wallet in your back pockets.
Alternatively, carry yourPacsafe Citysafe™ CS100 Anti-Theft Handbag when you travel. This classic silhouette is not only eye-catching, but packed a bunch of robust anti-theft features to keep your items safe and secure too. With its revolutionary TurnNLock security hooks, you can even secure your bag to a fixture from a snatch and grab. Plus, it works in two simple steps: clip and snap.

Be vigilant at all times
Characters from all walks of life ride the US subway. To avoid trouble, here are somesafety tips to follow in the subway: Don’t draw any unwanted attention to yourself, don’t stare at anyone and don’t get involved in any arguments. Exercise caution and if you see any unattended items, alert a staff member or call the police. Do not attempt to pick it up or check its content.
By Sheena Leong
Sheena has been living an on-road/off-road lifestyle for the past 10 years until recently. Now she’s based in New York City with Erik and they blog about tips and recommendations from all around the world viaDIY Travel HQ. She’s very detail-oriented and passionate about sharing accurate, objective information.

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