September 27, 2017 3 min read

The moment that you have been waiting for is finally here. All the torments of daily life and your rush against impossible deadlines have come to this, and it is now time to pack your bags, leave your stress behind, and marvel at the sights and sounds you truly deserve.
But hang on, are you actually ready to leave work behind? Before the ringxiety attacks, or that one work call comes to turn your whole trip around, here are some simple ways to help youunplug while traveling.

Do the handover
One of the first but most important steps to get out of the way is to ensure that all your work matters are taken care of. Be sure to pull up that monthly report that is due two days into your trip, communicate your last project changes to your team members, and assign a trusted colleague to be the go-to person during your leave. This is also the time to create a detailed ‘out of office’ auto-reply, stating the days where you will be unreachable and naming a coworker for contact.

Pack personal devices only
While it may be hard to leave your work mobile at home, it is unspoken that the foolproof way to separate work from play is to avoid having any reminder of work. This way, you can be sure that you will not be bogged down by the sound of urgent texts received from your co-workers.

Keep your travel details in your personal e-mail
When you plan for your travel itinerary, be sure to make the bookings using your personal e-mail address. Avoid opening your work email to access certain information – this is your moment to unplug after all.

Capture your moments with a camera
Keep that functional smartphone away, and use a camera to capture all your memories. While it is incredibly easy to whip out your smart device and choose between one of the many magnificent modes to snap a picture; it is also significantly satisfying to keep things analog. Safeguard your camera in the Pacsafe®Camsafe® V3 Anti-Theft Camera Top Loader Bag, a stylish and lightweight addition that protects your device against all elements, with innovative anti-theft features to give you peace of mind, while blending in amidst the locals.

Get yourself on board
The biggest obstacle to disconnecting is not technology: It is your own level of compulsion when it comes to working. You may find it hard to get your head out of the office or to peek at the group messages and immediately shifting into work mode. Put your devices aside, and watch yourself unwind naturally.

Plan out your return
Every vacation must come to an end. When you return home, look through your emails as you unpack to save time on your first day back at the office. While doing that, picture the next few places that you would like to visit for your nextdetox vacation as having an idea of an upcoming holiday is always a good thing.
Now pack your bags, and enjoy your hard-earned vacation.
For peace of mind, be sure to opt for the Pacsafe®Citysafe™ CX Series  andMetrosafe™ LS Series with patented anti-theft features, such as the RFIDsafe™ blocking material, which shields your passport and credit cards against RFID skimming, the lock down technology that enables your bag to be secured to a fixture to avoid bag theft, the smart zipper security to secure zips and anchor cable on a single lock down point, and the 360 eXomesh® locking system of cut resistant technology, offering added protection against scuffs, scrapes and even ‘cut and run’ attempts.

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