Follow These 5 Twitter Accounts For Travel Warnings

Using-phoneModern technology means it’s now easier than ever to keep track of the latest news with only minutes of delay. So if you’re looking to travel abroad and would like to stay in the know of local travel warnings and alerts, here are 5 travel warning Twitter accounts for the safety inclined.

Travel – State Dept (@TravelGov)
This is the official account for U.S. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs. It is known for regularly updating travel warnings, security and news for those who are looking to go abroad. A definite must have on our list. (@travelGoC)
The official Government of Canada’s one-stop shop for comprehensive international travel information offers plentiful foreign travel advice. Although it is aimed at Canadians, its advice is still applicable to international travellers seeking travel news. They also keep track of all the country’s warnings with hashtags.
FCO Travel Advice (@FCOtravel)
This is the official travel advice account for British nationals living and travelling overseas. This account is often up to date with travel warnings, as well as upcoming events, while offering travel safety tips to those may be attending.
Blackbook Traveler (@BT_Website)
This community-run travel warning account relies on travellers themselves to provide updates. The alerts include warnings and information logged by users on this website and do not include official travel warnings issued by Government bodies. If you’re looking to participate, you can sign up here.
NBC News Travel (@NBCNewsTravel)
For a more lighthearted approach to travel warnings, add this account to your list. As it is covered by the NBC news network, you not only get travel news, alerts and travel advice, but also articles and snippets which may give you an in-depth and better understanding of recent events.
Have a safe trip and remember to turn on your notifications for these accounts when you travel overseas!