Genius Travel Hacks & Tips Infographic

With the internet offering thousands of travel articles providing tips and tricks it can be difficult (and time consuming!) to find genuinely helpful advice to make travelling easier.
That’s what inspired Fast Cover, an Australian travel insurance company, to create the 2016’s Genius Travel Hacks and Tips infographic. Following the stages of going overseas that many travellers will recognise, the infographic provides up-to-date hacks to help travellers save money and to make travelling simple.
The infographic takes you through five stages of travelling: booking, preparing, being in transit, exploring your destination and finally, returning home.
Besides age old tips such as rolling your clothes to save space in your bag, and always carrying a pen for arrival and departure forms, the infographic provides tips to make travelling easier through using different apps and with insights relevant to 2016.  For example, offline maps are a much simpler way of navigating a new city than carrying a large fold-up map, Uber can help you save on getting around and if you want a cheaper flight, well you should look at booking on a Monday, Tuesday or on the weekend.
Created from analysing over 500 travel hacks articles the infographic can help make your next holiday simpler and provides tips to save money on your trip.
by Laura Hedge from Fast Cover

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