How Convertible Tote Bags Can Save Your Trip

We’ve all been there. You’ve packed everything you need for trip, only just fitting things in your bag. Then, you get to your destination and go shopping. Now it looks like you’ll need to buy another new bag too, just to take everything home. Not with a little bit of foresight you don’t. There are plenty of great convertible tote bags out there that can save your trip.


These handy bags let you carry a little bit of stuff, acting as a great day bag on your travels, then fold out to be an amazing carry-all for the rest of your things. How? It’s all thanks to a bit of clever design. 

One example is the Pacsafe Citysafe CX Anti-Theft Packable Vertical Tote (pictured below). It starts buttoned up as a nice-looking, compact crossbody. Phone, purse, makeup, all the day’s needs fit easily in there without needing to carry a big backpack around. Then, if you need more space, voila, release a couple of buttons and you have a full 10 liters of storage.


If you need even more space…

There’s also the big sister of this bag, the Horizontal Tote. Easy handbag by day, 20 liter travel extra for a night flight. 

The great thing about both of these bags, is they come inbuilt with anti-theft technology like zipper security and RFID blocking pockets to protect your valuables. Yet another way they could save your trip, by avoiding any mishaps and keeping things fun like they should be. There’s even luggage slips on them to attach to your regular travel bag during transit.


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