Rick Steve’s Advice To Outsmart Pickpockets

Rick Steves is a world-famous travel show host with over 4000 travel days under his belt in Europe alone. Until recently, he’d never had any issues with theft while traveling. That really is how things are most of the time. But, that changed recently during a trip to Paris when Steve was pickpocketed. He outlined the entire ordeal on his personal blog. In it, and a subsequent blog, Steves gives some great advice on how to outsmart pickpockets.

It really boils down to being alert and/or having the right security with you:

“Sooner or later, if you’re not on guard, wearing a money belt — or at least keeping everything properly zipped and buttoned — you’ll be a victim,” says Steves.

One great thing that Steves also says is “Don’t travel fearfully — travel carefully”. It’s all about making sure you’re prepared, leaving valuables locked up in your hotel room, or if you’re carrying them around, securing things in your bag. “The point isn’t to make your bag impenetrable, but harder to get into than the next guy’s.”

For anti-theft bags designed to make it harder for pickpockets to get into, check out these great options.

Lockable zips, anchor straps that fix to a cafe table, and RFID blocking pockets are just the beginning for the Vibe 25L Anti-Left Backpack

For more expert travel safety advice, we’ve spoken to pilot Troy Doak and travel Agent Chelsea Muscroft about their top tips. Read Troy’s advice here, and Chelsea’s over here.   

Here’s a neat wrap up video with yet more advice too, from the good folks at Travel & Leisure.