September 06, 2017 2 min read

With your bright-eyed disposition and multiple belongings on hand, being a traveler makes you an easy, attractive target for thieves. Fortunately, there are a number of different ways in which you can keep your items secure when on asolo backpacking adventure. Here’s how.

Pack light
When backpacking, always pack light. That means forgoing an extra pair of jeans and sneakers because those items are going to weigh you down when you’re out hiking or running to catch the next train. Be strategic about what you’re going to bring and streamline your belongings – only pack what’s necessary. Another important thing to note: Never, ever bring your favorite jewelry or valuable stuff with you. Instead, pack what you can replace.

Carry your items with you
If the hostel you’re staying in doesn’t provide any lockers or safes, then consider getting a durable backpack like thePacsafe Venturesafe™ EXP45 Anti-Theft 45L Carry-On Travel Pack to keep your belongings safe and secure. With a roomy main compartment for your travel needs, and anti-theft features like eXomesh® slashguard and puncture resistant ToughZip to deter pickpockets away, it’s much safer to carry your items with you than leaving it at the hostel while you’re out exploring.

Read hotel reviews
You can roughly gauge from the reviews whether a hostel is safe to spend the night in. Check out recent reviews to see if anyone has mentioned the word ‘theft’. You should only stay in hostels that are highly rated for safety. You don’t want to skim on the accommodation budget only to get your valuables stolen. Another important thing to note: Research the neighborhood of the hostel to see if it’s a crime concentrated area.

Don’t flaunt your items
Before leaving to travel, spend some time placing stickers or duct tape over your laptop and camera to make them look worn out and tattered. If someone is looking for an easy target with expensive gear, they’ll most probably pass on you because it looks like everything you own is falling apart. On the other hand, if you happen to travel with a lot of electronic devices, it’s best to keep them as hidden as possible, especially in public.
Be wary of pickpockets
No matter where you go, whether it’s Europe, Southeast Asia or South America, there are bound to be pickpockets and scam artists. They can spot a tourist from miles away and will go out of their way to take advantage of you. To avoid getting your money and belongings stolen, keep them safe and secure in thePacsafe Citysafe™ CX Anti-Theft Backpack. Don’t underestimate the look of this bag – its ultra-chic design comes with a number of anti-theft features such as the TurnNLock security hook to secure your bag to a fixture when you’re eating in a restaurant, the Carrysafe® slashguard strap that comes with reinforced steel wire to prevent cut-and-run theft, the RFIDsafe™ blocking pocket to keep your sensitive information secure and the Roobar™ Style locking system to prevent others from prying your bag open without your consent.

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