August 11, 2017 3 min read

Greece. The birthplace of Western civilisation. Home to the many gods and goddesses of Greek mythology, this once powerful land took the world by storm before its downfall against the Romans. Fortunately, many of Greece’s beauty survived and flourished, leaving us with astounding islands to explore. If you’re looking to traverse through the timeless beauty of Greece, then take a look at some of thebest Greek islandsyou can visit today.

Zakynthos, also known by its Italian name, Zante, has established itself as having the best beaches in Greece. The eastern and south-east coasts attract a high volume of tourists zipping around on their quad bikes during peak season, but making a beeline towards the western and central regions will reward you handsomely. Unreal turquoise waters await those who choose to trudge through the forested mountains, offering spectacular views to all.

Known as the birthplace of the Titans, it’s no wonder Karpathos’ wild mountains and deep-blue coves still have a strong primal sense in the air. With stunning shots of villages enveloped in tufts of fluffy white clouds, this rugged beauty is popular among those who seek heart-stopping adrenaline shots. When summer comes, Karpathos plays host for an international kitesurfing competition, attracting those daring enough to brave through the fierce winds and strong currents that surround the island. A small dose of this wild island is enough to leave you wanting more.

This Unesco World Heritage Site is not only famously known as the birthplace of the twin gods, Apollo and Artemis, Delos is also home to one of the most important archaeological locations in Greece. Sprawling with ancient ruins of the magnificent city it once was, Delos holds many interesting collections from the past, including the proud marble beasts from the Terrace of the Lions that guard the sacred grounds of the island. If you’re looking to delve into history and culture, this island will keep you occupied.

For those who prefer to indulge in the goodness of mouth-watering Mediterranean cuisine, this island will be heaven for you! Crete is famed for its locally produced food and attracts ‘locavores’ from all across the globe with their unique way of life. It is common to find local taverns producing their own meat, cheese, olive oil,raki and wine while catching their own seafood to serve you fresh meals from their kitchen. You’ll be in for a treat as you travel across the island to discover unique village – or household – specific recipes that will keep your stomachs yearning for more. If you’re looking to add more food destinations into your bucket list, check out these awesome must-go destinations for foodies!

Andros, also known as Hora, sits on a rocky terrain with incredible views that you can catch from the neoclassical mansions that cluster the island. With two beautiful bays located on both sides, you have a choice of hiking to either one of them to experience its allure. Riddled with historical architecture from Venetian settlements and ship owners, Andros’ museums and churches will keep your eyes hungry for more of its past beauty and culture.
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