Stylish + Secure: The Citysafe CX Anti-Theft Backpack by Pacsafe

Pacsafe’s Citysafe CX Anti-Theft Backpack one is the best bags, in our opinion, for city travel because of the focus on security. Walking around big, bustling cities like New York or Barcelona, you can worry a lot less about pickpockets – or the latest trick in the identity stealing game: scanning your credit card information THROUGH YOUR BAG! The scan-proof, cut-proof mesh material adds a major layer of peace-of-mind and has the latest in bag-safety technology.

If you set your bag down at a coffee shop or even just stand with it in a crowded place, the safety hooks and secured zippers prevent anyone from easily opening it and accessing your belongings inside.

Functionally, the backpack has all the features we look for in our main, staple-piece bags: slip for laptop, easy access front pocket, side drink/bottle holder, and plenty of space on the interior to hold a camera and other items for the day.

While security and functionality are key, let’s face it, looks matter! We love the chic black exterior with gold hooks and zipper features. Inside, it gets a little more playful with a gorgeous rose colored material. The contrast strikes a fun balance between sophisticated and casual.  Best of all, the bag works from taking it to morning yoga all the way through to dinner out with friends.

Pacsafe has a whole range stylish and secure bags in their Citysafe CX Collection, including a larger tote and a super cute wristlet wallet. Shop this backpack and the entire Citysafe collection through the SHOP link below.


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Check out one of our favorite travel backpacks in the video below.

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