The Best Places to Bring Your Travelsafe

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Ever wanted to swim at the beach, but didn’t want to leave your bag unattended? Or turned up to your amazing AirBnB rental, only to find there was no safe to keep your valuables in? Backpacks and slingbags are super convenient for carrying laptops and important documents. Nothing protects like portable safes when you need to lock down your valuables . So whenever you stay in hotels, travel on planes, or play sports on the beach, you might want to consider using a portable safe for added security while you are on the move. Here are a few everyday places where you can use your Pacsafe Travelsafe and a few travel safety tips to make full use of it.


Unless you’re really attached to your belongings, it’s better to secure your bag to your seat instead of hugging it while you’re playing. Fasten your Pacsafe Travelsafe to the fence, tree or post and focus on winning the game!

Concerts and matches held in stadiums

Those who watch live matches and games at stadiums will want to bring a portable safe along too. When you’re chanting and cheering on for your team, a thief may just snatch your belongings from you right under your nose. Fasten your bag around the handrails or under your seat. If there’s enough legroom, secure it front of you instead.


When you’re traveling, you’ll most likely need a place to store your valuables like passports, extra cash and documents in a secure place. But don’t expect your room to have a safe, especially if you’re staying in a Airbnb or a low cost motel. You may have to pay the extra charges to use the in-room safes too, so don’t leave it to chance but plan ahead by bringing your own portable safe instead.


If you’re transiting between flights, a portable safe comes in handy when you need a nap while waiting for the next flight. There are also a lot of in-flight theft occurring lately, so secure your portable safe to your seat and sleep soundly.

While commuting

If you’re taking a long train ride to work, you might just want to secure your bag to either your seat or the handrails. It can be hard to keep track of who is coming in and out of the train (especially if you commute for many hours everyday), and if a snatch thief decides to target you, rest assured your bag is safely secured.


While you’re at the office, it’s also a great idea to secure your Travelsafe to your desk or under your cubicle. When nearly the whole office is empty, for example during lunch hour or at the end of the day,, laptops are especially vulnerable. Play it safe and tuck your laptop and other top secret documents you have in your portable safe instead.


When you’re out and about enjoying the water activities, you can just leave your Travelsafe safely secured to a post, tree or hand rail nearby. Even when you’re taking the boat to a remote island to scuba dive, tie it to the boat before diving in.
So there you have it – a few places to start making use of your Travelsafe in your every activities!

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