November 08, 2017 2 min read

Thumbs out, rucksack ready, positive vibes and a smile slapped on your face.   Sounds like you’reready to hitchhike! While many prefer taxis, planes and trains, some of us don’t mind the occasional gamble on attempting to find a free ride. Hitchhiking is not only a great way to save some moolah, but it’s also a fab way tomeet new people around the world. Here are somehitchhiking tips and ideas to get your hitchhiking started off in the right direction!

General Tips

  • Take the popular route to ensure traffic is actually coming your way (Note: This doesn’t necessarily mean the shortest route).
  • Stand somewhere visible and open where cars can see you and have enough time to stop.
  • It’s best to dress decently. We’re not talking about suiting up, but your favorite hobo outfit could deter people from picking you up.
  • Travel light – lugging a few pieces of baggage can be a turn-off.
  • Best if you travel with a small group of two of three. Just remember that not every vehicle is big enough to carry a party.

The Extras

  • Offer something as a sign of goodwill. Cookies are great, butwine or beers are better. Make them stop for something other than just you.
  • Design a fun and catchy sign. You’ll have a better luck if you carry a sign around. Make sure you’ve written your sign in the local language if possible!
  • Be prepared to walk. You might need to find a better spot to stand; you might just need to walk in hopes of getting a ride. Either way, don’t underestimate the amount of walking you will need to do.
  • We know that you’re trying to save money by hitchhiking, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t carry any cash on you. Always keep some money while you’reliving on the road!


  • Sunscreen. Nobody wants a lobster or a shedding human in their vehicle.
  • Consider an umbrella to stay out of the sun.
  • Make sure you have enough water for your wait and the trip.


  • Travel with gear you can trust. Something like thePacsafe Venturesafe EXP65 Anti-Theft 65L Travel Pack would work great. There’s no way anyone is sneaking into this bag!
  • Make sure you follow the rules in the country or state. Some places don’t allow hitchhiking in certain areas.
  • Wear brightly colored clothes or a reflective vest to keep you safe and visible to oncoming vehicles while waiting on the side of the road.

So where are you hitchhiking to?
By Nina Ragusa
Nina’s blog aims to give it to you straight in every aspect without skimping on details. She writes about the realities of making a life abroad by working for it while maximizing on travel experiences. Find out more about her life as a traveler atWhere in the World is Nina?

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