Top 5 Uses for Travelsafe

pacsafe travelsafe
If you’ve ever worried about opportunistic thieves breaking into your room while you’re away, then the Pacsafe Travelsafe is made for you. These Pacsafe bags will keep your belongings safe and secure when you’re out and about. They can also be packed flat when not in use, making them one of the top choices for Pacsafe fans.
So when and where can you use the Pacsafe Travelsafe? Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. At a cafe

Working alone at a cafe and need to run to the toilet? Stuff your laptop into the Travelsafe® X25 anti-theft portable safe! Once you’ve done so, lock your Travelsafe securely to a wall or pole fixture, and go for your toilet break. Who said our bags were only for travel security?

  1. For Runaway Moments

Playing basketball but worried about leaving your belongings unattended? Just throw them into the Travelsafe® 5L GII portable safe and lock it to a pole or fence. As long as it’s tied to a non-removable fixture, your Travelsafe will help protect your belongings, making it perfect not just for when you’re playing sports, but all other times you may need to leave your bag behind, like at the beach, at a bar or even in your AirBnB rental when you’re out getting dinner!

  1. On Flights

In-flight theft has been on the rise lately, as this Corporate Travel Safety article details. If you plan to bring a lot of cash and buy delicate souvenirs, it’s time to consider the Travelsafe® 5L GII portable safe. First, pack your wallet, laptop, and other valuables carefully into the Travelsafe. Now pack the Travelsafe in your carry-on bag or attach it to the base of your seat.. When you’ve boarded the plane and are stowing your carry-on in the compartment, ensure that the zip or strap to open your bag is placed AWAY from the entrance, making it harder for potential thieves to steal from you.

  1. On overnight rail and bus trips

We’ve all heard stories about pockets getting picked or belongings snatched while asleep. If you’re going on a long overnight trip, consider the Travelsafe® 12L GII portable safe. The larger version of our Travelsafe 5L GII, it will hold a 15in Macbook, your smartphone, passport, and other important documents with no problems. Just attach it to a rail or airplane fixture before you doze off and enjoy a (hopefully!) restful sleep, secure in the knowledge that your belongings are protected.

  1. Replacement for hotel safes

Most travellers are familiar with using hotel safes to secure their most precious belongings while travelling. It’s an oft-quoted travel safety tip. However, most hotel safes these days are also tiny. The rise of AirBnB accommodations also means you may end up staying in a place which has no safe. Use your Travelsafe to secure your belongings instead. Just follow our previous tips to do so. Bonus: Most Travelsafe bags can also fit more items compared to your regular hotel safes.
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