February 20, 2017 2 min read

Almost all frequent flyers have been stuck at anairport layover at least once. It could either be a quick stop-and-golayover flight, or more than a day’s worth of time. You could always turn the disruption around and make it an opportunity to be productive and enjoy yourself! Here are our top tips onwhat to do during your layover flights.
Short Layovers – Under 4 Hours
Once you’ve landed you should get your blood circulating again. Relax and have a massage, or get some workout done if you don’t mind falling into downward dog position in front of everyone else. Bring your yoga mat with you with our newVibe Anti-Theft 40L carry-on backpack or the biggerPacsafe Venturesafe 55L GII –  it’ll fit nicely.
You may also use travel apps to discover places around the airport to explore. It’s absolutely possible to head out for a bite if you don’t mind the rush. But before you do, make sure to check the distance, latest traffic conditions and boarding time.
Long Layovers – Over 6 Hours
This gives you more leeway to explore and go sightseeing around the city. Take this opportunity to meet the locals and explore the street markets. You may also find that some cities haveunique coffee experiences that are not found anywhere else in the world. A six-hour layover should give you enough time to indulge in some of the best experiences.
Remember to take care of your belongings with ourlatest city-centered collection ideal for while you’re in town.
Dreadfully Long Layovers – Around 12 Hours
12-hour layovers are pretty common, especially when you arrive at night and wait to depart mid-day. Airports are usually quiet around this time so you can try to sleep through it. During times like these,Pacsafe’s Venturesafe™ EXP45 Anti-theft 45L carry-on travel pack can keep your belongings secure with its stainless steel cablelocks.
If you’re jetlagged, you may want to workout (nobody’s looking anyway) as suggested above. Given the amount of time you have at hand, you could pretty much do anything you want – visit local attractions, dine the finest foods, and experience what the city has to offer.
Extreme Layovers – 24 Hours and Counting
This doesn’t always happen, but there are times where you’ll need to layover due to unforeseen causes such as bad weather. Airlines these days usually provide accommodation for such occasions. If they don’t, you could still make full use of your vacation by getting a B&B room in the city where all the fun is. This should give yourself ample time to roam and soak in the city for yourself. Remember, some of the best travel experiences are the unplanned ones and what better way to have an impromptu tour than this!

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