Types Of Bags: 5 Tips on Choosing the Best Travel Bags

Picking the right travel bag is an important aspect of any trip – a trusted companion throughout your travel, the perfect bag should keep all your necessities secured, while leaving little strain on your back and staying durable over time. While it may be challenging to look for one that fulfills all these needs, rest assured that we are here for you. Read on for tips and tricks in choosing the best travel bag.

Choosing the right size
One of the frequently asked questions people have when buying a travel bag is its size. Before proceeding with your purchase, be sure to measure it against your own body. A good backpack should always be proportional to you for efficient weight balance that’s friendly to your back. The main compartment of your travel bag should be big enough to contain your travel necessities, with a little room for additional belongings on your flight back.

Identifying your travel needs
The same reason why a trip to the beach won’t require a pair of heels, your choice of carry-on varies according to your travel destination as well. Keep in mind to opt for the most convenient solution. For example, a weekend getaway with your best pals may require a slim, lightweight and compact weekender bag, while a hiking trip requires the support of an innovative backpack with excellent back panel support, a built-in rain cover, and hip belt for even distribution of weight on your back. Jet-setting across Amsterdam and Vancouver? Opt for a chic convertible bag such as Pacsafe Citysafe CX Anti-Theft Convertible Backpack, which will take you from smart urbanite to a versatile trendsetter.

Features and specs
Rain cover protection, eXomesh slashguard fabric and TurnNlock security hooks — these are some of the additional features that are helpful for travelers during their international travels. With so many brands in the market offering the next level of security, be sure to choose one with all the anti-theft technologies to provide you with ease of mind during your travel commutes. Patented anti-theft features in Pacsafe® Backpacks such as the RFIDsafe™ blocking material shields your passport and credit cards against RFID skimming with lockdown technology, which enables your bag to be secured to a fixture to avoid bag theft, and smart zipper security to secure zips and anchor cable on a single lockdown point. Find out more about Pacsafe® anti-theft technologies here.

Multiple compartments
Considering the hassle of baggage checks, it is incredibly important that your carry-on is well-organized for easy access to the things that you truly need. Look out for a backpack with multiple compartments for easy segregation of items – clothes may be organized in the main compartment with your flip-flops on top, with shoes stored in a separate side zipper. Check out the Pacsafe Venturesafe™ X30 Anti-theft Adventure Backpack and the Pacsafe Metrosafe™ LS350 Backpack with internal organization pockets.

Secure with the Prosafe TSA Combination Lock
Once you’ve chosen a travel baggage or backpack that supports you, further enhance it with a Travel Sentry Accepted (TSA) lock, such as the Pacsafe Prosafe™ 1000 TSA Combination Lock. Comprising a special release valve that allows TSA Officers to open the lock should there be a need to check your baggage, this lock provides great convenience, without the drama of airport officers gathering around your travel bag!

Enrich your experiences with Pacsafe Backpacks by your side. With innovative anti-theft technologies to keep your belongings safe always, there’s no reason not to make the most out of your expedition!