December 19, 2017 2 min read

Packing for college can be a daunting and stressful task, especially if you don’t know what to bring with you. To ensure your dorm room is equipped with the essentials, you need a solid list. Since you already have enough on your mind from coordinating with your roommate to planning your class schedule, we took care of creating this college packing list for you! So here is the ultimate guide for what you actually need to pack for college!


  • Bedbug-protecting mattress cover
  • Foam topper
  • Mattress pad
  • Twin XL sheet set (and an extra set)
  • Duvet and duvet cover or comforter set
  • Pillows
  • Pillowcases
  • Throw blanket
  • Electrical blanket (if it gets cold where you live, this will be a lifesaver!)


  • Shower shoes or flip flops
  • Shower cap
  • Shower caddy
  • Shower toiletries (Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash and Loofah)
  • Bath towel, hand towel, and washcloth (at least 2 sets)
  • Bathrobe


  • Laundry hamper or bag
  • Laundry detergent
  • Bleach
  • Fabric softener
  • Stain remover
  • Drying rack
  • Iron
  • Ironing board
  • Lint brush
  • Portable stain remover pen
  • Quarters (get rolls of them from the bank!)


  • Beach towel
  • Earplugs
  • Sleep mask
  • Flashlight
  • Lightbulbs
  • Safety pins
  • Safety whistle
  • Pepper spray (if legal in your state)
  • Tool kit
  • Duct tape
  • Weekend bag
  • Travel organizer for toiletries
  • Umbrella
  • Mini vacuum and other cleaning supplies
  • Mini fridge

Be sure you don’t forget to get a good backpack so you can carry your laptop and school books. I recommend using thePacsafe Citysafe CX Anti-Theft Backpack because it is stylish yet durable. It has built-in locks, RFIDsafe and eXomesh slashguard anti-theft technology which makes it super safe to carry your laptop and personal belongings around campus! If you’re not a backpack type person, I also recommend thePacsafe Citysafe CX TS350 Anti-Theft Backpack because you can easily fit your laptop and it comes with all the same Pacsafe bells and whistles for security. Need a weekend bag? Or a gym bag? I recommend thePacsafe Citysafe CX Anti-Theft Tote because it’s the perfect size to fit your clothes, shoes and it even has a lot to put your yoga mat!
We’d also recommend you to have a chat with your roommate! See if you can share or split any of the items listed above. It will save you both some money and space if you can team up and get some of the stuff together! Key thing to remember is, if you forget anything it’s okay! There are many shops around universities and colleges where you can easily pick up any forgotten items. Pacsafe also offers a variety of different backpacks and bags so be sure to check out the various collections on the website to find the perfect one for you! And finally, make sure you try not to stress out and enjoy the college experience!
By Crissy Kikkawa
Crissy describes herself as a “working gal by day and lifestyle blogger by night” and traveling the world is her ultimate dream.Follow Crissy on her many adventures.

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