Visit these World-Famous Hot Springs

May 24, 2016 3 min read

Hot springs are one of the best ways to luxuriate after a long day of walking. In fact, you can even plan your holiday around hot springs, returning every night to your hotel to a nice, warm and refreshing mineral bath. This definitely ranks high on our list of fun things to do on holiday!
Not all hot springs are equal though, and we’ve got some that you just have to visit!
Taiwan Hot Spring
Beitou, Taiwan
Take your pick: stay in a hotel with a communal pool, or one with your own personal hot spring tub. Both are available in Beitou, only thirty minutes away from Taipei by train. The sulphurous waters of Beitou are rejuvenating and calming, a perfect balm after a day of walking and exploring the streets of Taipei.
Tip: Once you’re done soaking in the hot springs, head on over to the Taipei Night Markets for dinner. Use the RFIDsafe W150 RFID blocking organiser to store your documents and ID so you can snack while you walk!
Japan Hotspring
Jigokudani Yaenkoen, Japan
This one’s for the shutterbugs and the nature lovers. Jigokudani (Hell’s Valley) in Nagano, Japan, is known for its famous Snow Monkeys who make use of the valley’s numerous hot springs. Go early to avoid the crowds and make sure you bring extra batteries to capture all the monkeys’ antics. In the winter, you can continue your journey up the mountain and go skiing.
Tip: To catch the monkeys in the hot springs, schedule your visits during winter and the cooler months. It’s a 40 minute walk from the entrance to where you can see the monkeys, so keep things secure and accessible with the Citysafe LS400 travel tote.
New Zealand Hot Spring
Rotorua, New Zealand
We often think of hot springs being an adult-only adventure, the perfect indulgence for sore muscles after a long day. Rotorua, New Zealand shatters that belief. While Rotorua may be known for its hot springs and bubbling mud pools, it’s also known for being a family-friendly adventure destination. Here’s a sample itinerary: Take your children to see Hobbiton, the Hobbits town from the epic Lord of the Rings during the day, and then soak in a hot spring when you get back to your hotel. Learn more about the Maori culture at the MatakiriHangi and Concert Show at night and enjoy a delicious Maori dinner while you’re at it.
Tip: Summer and autumn are the busiest times of the year, with winter being the quietest of the four seasons. If you’re travelling with your kids, keep your gear easily accessible and your hands free with the Metrosafe LS250 shoulder bag.
Iceland Hot Spring
Blue Lagoon, Iceland
The picturesque Blue Lagoon is a manmade lagoon fed by a nearby power plant, the Svartsengi Power Station. The rich mineral content in its waters comes from the underground geological layers the waters rush through as they’re pushed up by the power plant. Thanks to the sunlight, the water always appears blue. Note that due to the heat and its mineral content, the Blue Lagoon is not suitable for children under 2 years old.
Tip: Book your tickets ahead of time to prevent disappointment on the Blue Lagoon website. If you’re making a day trip, pack your change of clothes and valuables in the small and unobtrusive Travelsafe X15portable safe and pack insert.
USA Hot Spring
Dunton Hot Springs, USA
Ever wondered what it was like to live in a mining town? Dunton Hot Springs in Colarado, USA, is a mining town transformed into a bustling spa. This small, rural town is the perfect romantic getaway, with soothing springs and majestic mountains greeting you every morning and a picturesque sunset in the evenings.
Tip: There’s no cellphone reception here, so make it your destination to “unplug” from it all. Instead, pack a lunch, extra water, and a camera into your Venturesafe X30 Backpack and go hiking!
Backyard Hotspring
Bonus: Your Own Backyard
We’ve explored some of the best hot springs around the world, but truth to be told, they can be found in any country. A hot spring soak is the perfect after-work activity, whether alone or with friends. Do you have a favourite hot spring in your country we didn’t cover? Let us know in the comments!

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