2017’s Must-Go Destinations for Foodies

Food. Our main source of energy. Many of us eat to live, but there are those who have chosen the sacred path of living to eat. These individuals – who have dubbed themselves as ‘foodies’ – have taken an oath to honor their taste buds by experiencing culinary cuisines from all corners of the globe.

If you have chosen the path of a foodie, then you’re in luck as we are going to dive into some must-go destinations for food travel! Don’t forget to pack your Pacsafe Venturesafe X30 Anti-Theft Adventure Backpack. With its lockable zippers and secured zip tab, your belongings will be safe from pickpockets as you head on this ultimate foodie trip.

Nicosia, Cyprus
Ever felt like walking through a painting? Then the picturesque beauty of Nicosia is the place for you!  With elements from the many empires and kingdoms that have conquered them over the centuries, this enticing city is ideal for experiencing what modern Cyprus is about.
However, what really stands out is Cypriot food. Wherever you go, you’ll taste some of the best quality food ever! Be sure to try out the meze, a traditional meal that comes with an assortment of small savory dishes, coupled with a cold glass of their local ouzo. Of course, no meal in Cyprus is complete without their famous halloumi cheese! Known as the cheese that never seems to melt, this slightly salty delicacy taste beautiful when grilled and is included in most Cypriot dishes.

Mendoza, Argentina
Known as the city of wine, Mendoza is riddled with plenty of vineyards for you to explore. Although it is a desert town, you will most likely find yourself trapped by its wide, leafy avenues, atmospheric plazas, and cosmopolitan cafes.
One must-do is for you to try out their world-famous Argentinian beef asado. You will be able to find this savory dish in most parrilla restaurants that specialize in serving grilled cuisine. You could pair it with one of their local wines or a refreshing glass of mate – a herbal drink traditionally drunk from a calabash gourd through a bombilla straw – to really enjoy your meal.

Hanoi, Vietnam
Venture into the capital of Vietnam and you’ll be in for a treat. Vietnamese cuisine is known for being delicious and diverse and it’s not wrong! With thousands of restaurants, street stalls and vendors, grabbing a bite from these eateries will give you the chance to experience every bit of Hanoi’s cuisine and culture.
For the standard foodie, be sure to check out their famous pho noodle dishes. Whether it’s the savory, soupy Pho Ga (chicken) or Pho Bo (beef), you will always be guaranteed a satisfying meal! If your taste buds are looking for something a bit more exotic, you could opt to visit the Snake Village, Le Mat, for a unique serpentine cobra dish. It may not be the cheapest meal you will have, but it will give you a story worth telling.

Jaipur, India
Dubbed the Pink City, the historically fascinating and aesthetically striking city of Jaipur is a destination not to be missed! Although the sights are magnificent, a trip here is never complete without digging into authentic Rajasthani food. Their local cuisine is reflected in their complex, indigenous traditions and is tailored to dining perfection! In other words, Jaipur is a foodie’s paradise!
One local delicacy that should not be missed in the Dal-batti-churma, a Rajasthan speciality. It is usually served with Dal (lentil curry), Bhatti (baked roundel of stuffed flour), and Churma (a dish made with flour, sugar, and ghee). If your taste buds are capable of handling spices, you could also try out Mirchi Bada  – deep-fried green chillies dunked in besan flour!

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Known as the central hub of Asian food, Malaysia really lives up to its slogan of being ‘Truly Asia’. With freshly cooked food available 24 hours almost anywhere you go, you will never find your stomach empty. The cultural mosaic here is so diverse that you are able to find all kinds of food, including unique fusion dishes.
One meal that you must try out is the local nasi lemak – white rice steamed with coconut milk served with dried anchovies, a hard-boiled egg, cucumbers, and spicy sambal sauce. Be warned, the sauce can be really spicy for some, but this simple dish is widely consumed by everyone. If you’re looking for something to cool yourself down, try out their refreshing ice kacang! It’s basically shaved ice filled with condensed milk, flavored syrup, and red beans; perfect for combating the local heat.
Now that you have a new list of interesting food destinations, it is time for you to fulfill your foodie oath and experience the ultimate foodie trip!