5 Steps to Keep Your Belongings Secure in Checked Baggage

Thinking about how to keep your belongings safe in checked baggage? Here are five easy steps to keep them secure.

1. Stash your laptop in a Travelsafe portable safe
Slide your laptop into the portable safe. Add extra paddings to hold your laptop in place if needed. Lock it up and you’re all set!
2. Protect it with soft clothing
Make a cocoon for your digital baby with sweaters, t-shirts or fluffy slippers.
3. Zip it up, but leave the steel cord accessible
Secure the steel cord by interlocking it around your zippers to stop prying hands from reaching into your bag.
4. Lock your bag with Roobar locking system
Use a padlock to keep things tight and secure for the flight.  
5. Check in and chill out
Once you’re done checking in, grab a preflight drink and think about that series you’re going to binge watch on the plane.