7 Most Beautiful Castles in Portugal

Portugal is home to countless castles and fortresses, which are dispersed across the country. Today, the ruins and original structures of these castles welcome travelers to explore the non-seaside areas of Portugal. These top seven castles are the most beautiful and prominent structures in the country.
Pena National Palace



Located atop of a hill in Sintra, Portugal, the Palácio Nacional da Pena is a 45-minute train ride outside of Lisbon. Pena is the mecca of Portuguese castles, which is now a UNESCO world-heritage site. Moorish, Gothic, and Manueline motifs and themes inspired the construct of this castle, which dates back to 1839. The hypnotic colors of red, yellow, and purple hues are a beautiful contrast to the clear blue skies. Pena is best explored at a leisurely pace, so you can gaze at the manicured gardens and original artifacts inside the castle.  Entrance fees include access inside the palace and the surrounding gardens.

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