Camsafe v17: Perfect for the Photographer on the Go

BRC_3434PacsafeV17BenHicksWhen I’m looking for a bag to take minimal gear to shoot with, I often look to my Pacsafe Camsafe® V17 anti-theft camera backpack. If I’m travelling, I often pack this inside a roller. The Camsafe v17 is perfect for those day trips where I’m only going to be using one DSLR, a flash, and two lenses. But if I need to stuff it even more, its totally capable. Even better, the camera inserts come out, leaving a large one-compartment or two-compartment backpack. That’s a feature you just can’t find anywhere else in a secure, worry-free backpack!
BRC_3436PacsafeV17BenHicksAs a photographer, I travel a lot and abuse packs more than they should. In the process I find out what lasts and what doesn’t—really quickly. Simple things like zippers and pack straps are most critical in order for them to survive! Every Pacsafe pack I’ve owned has stood up to every trial I can put it through, without any casualties. The Camsafe v17 has interior compartments everywhere, which every photographer out there knows there are usually never enough of.
BRC_3438PacsafeV17BenHicksThe side entry into the pack is ergonomically placed, and all it needs is a quick slide over your shoulder to quickly grab and access that camera when you need it. On the opposite side is a water bottle holder/tripod slot, depending on which you desire for your day’s adventure. The laptop compartment doubles as a reservoir for a hydration system—perfect for when the water bottle holder is filled up with a tripod.
BRC_3439PacsafeV17BenHicksThis pack also works well as a front pack while you have a larger backpack on. It has easy access to the upper compartments for documents, all secured with locking zippers that help prevent pickpocket theft.
Overall the v17 is an awesome pack in my collection to protect my gear from every element, including thieves! It’s a nice, more portable alternative to its bigger brother, the Camsafe v25.