Choosing the Right Camera Bag and Accessories

September 13, 2016 3 min read

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Congratulations, you’ve got yourself a brand new camera! Now comes the part no one told you about:camera bag orcamera backpack?Camera case or pouch?It can be tough to decide with the vast array ofstylish camera bags available on the market today. Here’s our quick guide to finding the bestcamera bag that fits your needs!

The size of your camera

As obvious as it sounds, the size of your camera and the kit you intend to carry should be your first priority.
If you’re rocking a simple point-and-shoot, then something small and discreet like theCamsafe® VP anti-theft camera pouch will let you reach your camera quickly for those quick shots while allowing you to move without worry.
If you prefer to carry only your camera and nothing else, then have a look at thePacsafe Carrysafe® 100 GII anti-theft camera strap. Slash-resistant and lightweight, it pulls double duty; first as a regular camera strap, and the second as a strap for yourcamera case!
If, however, you intend to carry multiple lenses, batteries and SD cards, then a larger bag will be required. And here’s where it getsreally fun.

The size of your kit

Will you be carrying a mirrorless camera or a DSLR? The size and weight of your camera will determine the size of your bag even if all you’re planning to carry are just the camera and a spare lens or some spare batteries!
Mirrorless cameras are generally lighter and smaller compared to their DSLR cousins, so you can get away with using a smaller, more multi-purpose bag like thePacsafe Camsafe® LX3 anti-theft compact camera bag.
Those sporting a DSLR might want to check out theCamsafe® V18 anti-theft camera expandable sling bag. Both are small, slim and perfectly suited towards carrying your camera while giving you quick access so you can shoot on the go. Most importantly, they don’t scream “camera bag” which makes you less likely to be seen as a target.
Need something a little bigger? Have a look at theCamsafe® V25 anti-theft camera backpack and thePacsafe Camsafe® Z15 anti-theft camera & tablet shoulder bag. They aren’t just functional in prevent thieves from accessing your gear, but they’re also stylish and extremely travel-friendly.
Which brings us to the next criteria.

The way you carry your kit

For those who prefer to carry their entire kit, thePacsafe Camsafe® Z25 anti-theft camera & 15″ laptop backpack should be just the right size. It’s large enough to hold your kitandyour laptop, allowing you to transfer photos quickly while working on the go (wedding photographers, take note!).
However, if you already have a Pacsafe backpack (such as the Pacsafe Venturesafe™ X40 or the Pacsafe Travelsafe® X25), then we recommend getting thePacsafe Camsafe® PCI-M protective camera insertinstead. It keeps your gear safe and organised, while fitting perfectly into the Pacsafe backpack you already have.
Some, though, prefer a very minimalistic approach instead. If all you want to carry is your DSLR on the go, then perhaps theCarrysafe® 150 anti-theft sling camera strap will fit your style! It wraps around your body for a snug fit to prevent theft, with small compartments to carry your lens cover and an extra SD card.   
camera bags and backpacks
As you can tell, choosing the rightcamera bags and accessories is really more a matter of personal preference and carry style. Check out the entire range of Pacsafecamera bags and accessories here, and let us know in the comments which you prefer!  

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