Selfie Hacks – 4 Tips to Taking the Perfect Travel Selfie

pacsafe taking a selfie
The selfie trend has taken over the globe with everyone from celebrities to prime ministers jumping on the bandwagon.
Besides the fact that it’s a fun and informal way of capturing your everyday moments, it’s also an ideal way of documenting your travel journey. Instead of deciding on which stranger you could possibly ask to help you with taking  a photo of yourself at the Eiffel tower, you could just do it yourself – with a selfie! Simply use your front-facing camera and snap away. If you’re not travelling solo, get your partner or friends in the shot for a memorable wefie.
Anyone can take a selfie, but taking the perfect travel selfie is an art. While regular selfies often focus on your mood, makeup or outfit of the day, travel selfies are all about the destination and experience (besides your pretty face, of course). Follow these four selfie tips on how to take a good selfie and you’ll have gorgeous travel selfies in no time.
Taking a selfie

Face Natural Light

Whether you’re taking selfies or a regular picture, good lighting is the key to creating spectacular snapshots. The best way to ensure this would be to use natural sunlight. When snapping a selfie, stand facing the light to get a bright photo with no shadows. Your face will be instantly illuminated, with a sparkle in your eye (don’t look directly into the sun though!). However, if you want to get a silhouette shot, the sun should be behind you.

Use A Selfie Stick

If you have short arms, you may want to use a selfie stick to include more scenic backgrounds in your shot. With a selfie stick, you can show everyone those snow-glazed mountains that’s behind you or showcase the beauty of the exotic beach you’ve been dying to visit. Just mount your phone onto the extendable phone holder which comes together with the selfie stick and you’re ready for the ultimate social media-worthy travel selfie. Besides that, it’s also great for big group pictures – so no one gets left out.

Be Aware Of Your Angles

For a more flattering selfie, extend your arm out and angle the phone down to highlight your cheekbones. This will make your face seem slimmer, while avoiding looking like you have a double chin. Tilt your face at different angles to decide on your best one.
Choose to take your selfie in landscape mode rather than portrait, so you can get as much of your travel destination’s breathtaking backdrop into the shot. But don’t just stick to one angle, get creative! Have fun experimenting with everything from underwater shots using waterproof cameras to selfies showcasing just your back plus the magnificent view (you’ll need to use a phone or camera tripod for this. Then, set the timer on your device and get into position). For an even better travel selfie, use a GoPro camera. It’s compact, lightweight, available in waterproof models and has the ability to compress everything you would want in your selfie into one frame.
But, if you really don’t want to stick to just selfies, there’s still plenty of other ways in which you can take great travel photos when travelling alone.

Protect Your Precious Selfie-taking Tools

Lastly, if your camera or phone gets stolen or damaged while you’re travelling, you won’t be able to take a selfie. Now that’s terrifying thought – let’s hope that never happens! To avoid this, don’t just carry your phone in your hands. Keep it hidden safely in a phone pouch, bag or waist pack like the Pacsafe Citysafe™ CS25 anti-theft cross body & hip purse or the Venturesafe™ 100 GII anti-theft hip pack,  which features smart zipper security and Carrysafe® straps that prevent thieves from slashing your bag and getting away with your gear.
travel selfies
After following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to taking appealing travel selfies. Now, it’s time to plan that overdue holiday and show off your travel selfie skills!