May 10, 2017 2 min read

When you’re a female traveler, there are a few things that might cross your mind before jetting off. One of the most important things I always consider before travelling is safety. The second thing is fashion. I think every girl wants to make sure they look fantastic when they travel, am I right?

Last week, I spent some time traveling around Bali with the newPacsafe Citysafe CX Collection. The backpack, wallet and convertible crossbody was what I used to trek around from countryside to seaside. Because of my work as a blogger, I find myself traveling with a laptop, camera and iPhone at all times. ThePacsafe Citysafe CX Backpack has built-in locks, RFIDsafe material and exomesh slashguard anti-theft technology that always make me feel safe and secure. I took my backpack to the seaside of Seminyak to enjoy the beach with my friends. I also took it to a yoga class in Ubud. This backpack fit all my necessities, and still had room to spare. I also really liked that it was lightweight and even made it through the pouring rain that occasionally sprung while in Bali.

I think my favorite item is thePacsafe Citysafe CX Convertible Crossbody because it is so versatile. Whenever I had more items to carry, I could expand it and when I didn’t, I could minimize it. It also comes with turn-and-lock security hook and zip clips, making it difficult for people to steal the contents of your bag.

When I went shopping at the busy, crowd-filled markets of Kuta and Ubud, I felt safe walking around because I knew my bag had slashguard exomesh straps as well as RFID safe technology embedded into it. Like thePacsafe Citysafe CX Backpack, this bag is extremely lightweight and durable. It withstood the rain, and whenever it got dirty I could easily wipe it down – so easy to maintain!

Never did I imagine I could find the perfect traveling companion, but I got lucky and found it in a bag & wallet! I also don’t think I can travel without myPacsafe Citysafe CX Wristlet Wallet ever again. Not only does this wallet become a wristlet but it fits my iPhone 6 Plus, passport and cash, too. It’s also RFID safe, so you can rest assured none of your information will be stolen. When I went to get drinks with my friends while in Bali, I just grabbed this wristlet – it was all I needed.
If you’re planning a trip with the girls, don’t forget to bring along this handy collection to keep all your things safe, secure and on point!
By Crissy
Crissy describes herself as a “working gal by day and lifestyle blogger by night” and traveling the world is her ultimate dream. Follow Crissy on her many adventures.

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