What Makes Citysafe CX the Perfect Everyday Bag?

For me, dressing and accessorizing for work has always been a struggle between looking stylish and being practical. For too long now, I have been stuffing all my work essentials into whatever that’s pretty. I’ve never given much thought about comfort, safety or practicality, especially when it comes to making a bag purchase.
But, after dealing with the frustration of having my wallet stolen out of my purse recently, I’m determined to never let something like that happen again. This is where Pacsafe came to the rescue.

Many may – as I used to – associate Pacsafe products with traveling, camping, and other outdoor activities. However, the Pacsafe Citysafe CX collection is unique as it’s targeting city slickers who are concerned with safety and style. Intrigued? Allow me to elaborate…

Firstly, the Pacsafe Citysafe CX products come in three easy-to-wear colors that will go with any outfit and boast minimalist styles that are simple, chic, and practical. Like the rest of the Pacsafe lines, Citysafe CX offers a wide range of products, including travel accessories, backpacks and wallets, so there’s something for everyone. I decided to go with the Pacsafe Citysafe™ CX Anti-Theft Wristlet Wallet in blush tan; a perfect piece for the summer! Not only does it have a RFID blocking feature which protects all information stored on my chip cards, but it comes with numerous zipped compartments and card slots – a must for keeping things organized. All of that and the wallet still appears sleek and chic! The wristlet can be doubled as a cute and practical clutch for lunch, dinner or happy hour!

I am also a huge fan of the Pacsafe Citysafe™  CX Anti-Theft Tote. This spacious tote features a pattern-less design with clean-cut lines and gold detailing, making it exceptionally versatile. The bag also comes with a number of side pouches and an organizer panel, so you can find whatever you are looking for in a flash. The Roobar style lock and interlocking zip pull add that extra layer of security to it. These features really put my mind at ease and allow me to enjoy my commute – instead of constantly checking for nasty pickpockets! Another great feature is the optional shoulder strap, which allows you to transition this bag from work or gym to a night out or the airport.

Overall, the Citysafe™ CX Collection has the seal of approval from a city girl like me. Its minimalist designs allow you to use these products in a variety of settings (and outfits), while the security features keep your essentials safe and allow you to focus on the important parts of the day.  All I can say is, whoever said practical can’t be stylish has not met Pacsafe’s Citysafe™ CX.
By Aislinn