Lux Hostels for Thanksgiving Holiday Travelers

Thanksgiving isn’t just about sharing a turkey dinner with family and friends, or even being home for this all-American holiday. It’s also a great time to travel with grateful companion. Besides finding cheaper oversea flights during the Thanksgiving travel window, it’s a perfect excuse to celebrate your family’s ancestry in a country of origin.
Here are six luxury hostels across the globe to go discover your roots and celebrate Thanksgiving:
Youth Hostels Association, Stratford-upon-Avon, Great Britain: dorms rooms from $23, private room $44hostel1The pilgrims may have sailed out of Plymouth for the new world, but Stratford-upon-Avon is close enough to make it perfect stand-in for a back-to-roots Thanksgiving (it’s only 185 miles north of the port, or five hours north by bus). A $1.8 million renovation has transformed a regal old Georgian mansion into a modern Youth Hostel Association poshtel. There’s nothing austere or wanna-be about this grand estate surrounded by three formally landscaped acres with a transit stop and bench at the entrance.
The place includes a bar and café (Hemmingford’s), communal areas with modern accents, including an intimate TV lounge, and an expansive game room with a pool and foosball table and a communal kitchen with multiple modern sinks and stove (think IKEA). The family rooms including with pastel and neutral-tinted walls, boldly colored accent furnishings, and tightly packed anodized aluminum/stainless steel bunks.