The Ultimate Travel Safety Hacks List

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We have a confession to make. There is no “Ultimate Guide to Travel Safety Hacks” or “Ultimate Safety Travel Guide” list. This is simply because as more and more people travel, thieves and scammers will find more ingenious ways to trick the unsuspecting traveller out of their belongings. What we can do though, is to practice vigilance without forgetting to enjoy ourselves during our trip. Use these Travel Safety Tips to keep your belongings secure and yourself in peak health so you can enjoy your travels worry-free!
Before You Travel

  1. Get travel insurance
    Once you’ve booked your flight tickets, make sure you look into getting travel insurance, for those “you never know” moments. Here’s a good guide on choosing the right travel insurance.
    Hack #1: Your credit card provider or airline may offer some travel insurance for cancelled flights, theft and medical assistance, so speak to them once you’ve got your tickets!
    Hack #2: Keep records of your insurance policy close by! Take a screenshot of your insurer’s contact details and familiarise yourself with how to contact them in case of any emergency. And remember to keep physical copies nearby too.
  2. Make a list to pack
    Your trip is getting nearer. Make a list and pack according to your purpose, so you don’t overpack or underpack.
    Hack #1: Bring insert bags like the Pacsafe Travelsafe series on your trip. These bags pack flat, making them compact while travelling, and yet have great security features to keep your belongings intact when you’re out and about!
    Hack #2: Bring an extra change of clothes and hygiene essentials (think toothbrushes, cleansers, and the like) in your carry-on bag, just in case your luggage gets delayed.

At the Airport/Bus Station

  1. Get a safety travel wallet
    For easy access, we recommend getting a safety travel wallet. The Pacsafe RFIDsafe™ Z150 RFID blocking compact organiser makes it easy to access your passport and credit cards, especially when zipping through immigration during transit.
    Hack #1: If you’re travelling in a dangerous area, keep a cheap wallet filled with fake credit cards and a bit of small change on your person and hide your actual wallet elsewhere. This helps mislead potential thieves getting access to your actual wallet and ID!
    Hack #2: Attach a chain to your wallet and hook the other end to your bag or your belt loop to prevent it from being pickpocketed.
  2. Keep your bag hidden on long haul-flights
    Keep your bag close and hidden as much as you can. Put your bag in the overhead compartment or under your feet.
    Hack #1: Face your bag’s zippers AWAY from the compartment opening, so thieves can’t reach in and open your zip easily.
    Hack #2: Attach your bag to the seat and lock it. With the Pacsafe Travelsafe® Portable Safe series, you can lock your bag to your seat, preventing would-be thieves from rifling through your bag.

At Your Destination

  1. Stay somewhere nice the day you arrive
    One of the best safety hacks we’ve seen is to stay somewhere with good security and amenities the first night you arrive. The reason’s simple: After a long day of travelling, you may be fatigued and not quite at your best. A better room won’t just offer better security and amenities; it’ll also put you in a good mood to enjoy your trip!
    Hack #1: Some airlines have a “book flight with hotel” option. While it may seem expensive, you’ll find the price is cheaper compared to booking them separately. Most of the time, you don’t even have to book your entire stay with them; there’s an always an option to book a stay for a single night. It’s even better if airport transfers to your chosen hotel for that first night is included too. Remember to research the neighbourhood around your chosen location before booking to ensure you can travel safely to and fro.
  2. Be aware of your surroundings
    The number 1 tip we give all travellers is always be aware of your surroundings. Keep an eye on your belongings and close to you, no matter where you are.
    Hack #1: Don’t flash your camera about. More than your cash, randomly photographing everything you find interesting marks you as a tourist. Be aware of your surroundings and your belongings.
    Hack #2: Drink responsibly. If you’re inebriated, you may find yourself the next morning without your wallet… or worse.
  3. Use a Portable Safe
    Take it along with you or keep it in the room. Your Pacsafe Travelsafe portable safe is literally a portable safe. Secure it properly  to an immovable feature to prevent opportunistic gear thieves from helping themselves to your things.
    Hack #1: On the move and planning to leave your gadgets in the room? The Pacsafe Travelsafe® 12L GII portable safe is perfect for storing your 15-inch laptops and other gadgets while you’re out. Just attach it to your bed or a the pipe under the sink before you leave.
    Hack #2: Moving around a lot? Grab the spacious Travelsafe® X25 anti-theft portable safe & pack insert! It can hold all your electronics, IDs and even a small change of clothes for the beach. Did we mention it also has convenient backpack straps?  

Do you have any additional safety tips and hacks?

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