Safety Tips When Watching Sports at Large Stadiums

Large-scale sporting events are happening around the world such as the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Thousands of sports fans travel to watch their national teams or athletes play and fill the stadium at every event.
Whilst most people are concerned with how they’ll get to the stadium, what the weather will be like, or how good their seats are, many forget about the rare but potentially gutting downside of these events – stadium theft. We know that theft can occur anywhere, but at the Olympic Games, where people are moving in large crowds, it’s very easy for thieves to snatch wallets, mobile phones, cameras or even jewellery in a matter of seconds.
You can find many articles on tips for travel, especially travel security but they rarely mention how to secure your valuables when watching a game at the Olympic Stadium. With that in mind we have compiled four tips to make sure that the only thing you’ll lose when the game ends is your voice from cheering on your national teams and athletes.   
  1. Be aware of the stadium/games security policy
Do some research on the stadium security measures. Prior to entering the Olympic Park, you might be subject to security screenings, including metal detector screening and inspection of bags or other items carried in. Be careful not to attract the attention of thieves during the security inspection. Do not carry forbidden items as the security officers might ask you to empty your bag, exposing your valuable belongings.
  2. Choose the right type of bags to carry
Some sports facilities or large-scale sporting events have bag policies where they limit the size and type of bags that are permitted into the stadium. Make sure your travel bags have zipped openings to prevent belongings being snatched, or better yet – a combination lock! We suggest you to carry the Travelsafe 5L GII portable safe as it is perfect for securing your small essentials such as your tablet computer, ID, and camera with its 360° eXomesh locking system. The size is just nice too!
  3. Keep your valuables secure at all times
It is a habit of spectators to place their belongings on the seating row treads. You might think this is okay since it is within your visibility but during those intense moments where your national team drops to an incredibly close match to the opponent and the referee is ready to blow the final whistle, nothing can distract you from the game.
For men, do not put your wallet inside your back pockets. It is highly recommended to use a wallet with anti-theft features like RFID blocking card center and chain, such as the RFIDsafe™ Z100 RFID blocking bi-fold wallet.
For women, always make sure your purse is securely fastened to your body. If you are not comfortable with that, consider an anti-theft bag such as Travelsafe® X15 anti-theft portable safe & pack insert. It works well as a shoulder bag, with its convenient carry handles and detachable shoulder strap. Its combination lock and patented 360° eXomesh locking system will secure all your travel accessories. The cable lock allows you to secure your bag to the handrail for worry-free spectating and cheering.  
  4. Stay aware of your surroundings at all times
This is quite hard to practice as you are there to enjoy the game and share your passion with other supporters and fellow countrymen, but trust us, this is necessary. Stadium thieves will try to steal as much money, valuables and passports they can get during one event so if you see anything suspicious please report it to the security officer. You may also jump on social media and see what others are saying about the ongoing Olympic Games. It’s only natural to be wary of your surroundings. Pack 56,000 people into a sports venue and the possibility for an unfortunate situation is nothing to laugh at.
It’s important to take care of your own belongings as the stadium and the Olympic Committee will not be responsible for your lost or stolen items. That being said, security measures must never compromise spectators’ safety. Besides keeping your belongings safe, remember to stay safe too!

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