The fast-paced hustle of city life is both exciting and stressful at times. Navigating streets, negotiating crowds, finding that next big underground thing – it all takes a lot of effort. Thanks to our tech boom, there are now plenty of gadgets and apps that can help get the most out of city adventures. We’ve scoured the web to find some of the top gadgets to make your city travel a breeze. Some help with air quality, some help with getting around, others help with capturing the perfect clip to share on Instagram. Without further ado, here’s the list of the very best gadgets to make your city travel better.


Cambridge Masks Pollution Mask

The reality of city travel, especially in places like India and China, is poor air quality. The last thing you want is pollution and breathing issues throwing your plans off. Even getting sick on plane flights is a consideration. Cambridge Masks are an excellent solution for city travel. Their respirators use military-grade filtration technology to filter out nearly 100% of particulate pollution, gases, as well as bacteria and viruses. These masks are also light and easy to pack in a bag. The best thing though, is they have reasonably nice designs. Rather than looking like a hospital patient, you look more like a city travel ninja. 

DJI Osmo Pocket

One of the funnest things about city travel is capturing memories to relive later on. Often the camera on your phone is enough, but if you’re on the move the DJI Osmo Pocket is incredible. It has a Gimbal stabilization system built in to make shaky videos a thing of the past. It shoots 4K video, has over 2 hours of battery life, and a universal port that lets you snap on accessories or attach it to your phone for uploading clips. You don’t have to be an influencer to want high-quality captures, so have a look at it for your own city travel. 

Sony True Wireless Noise-Cancelling Earbuds

Filtering out air pollution in cities is one thing. Noise pollution is another. Wailing sirens, honking horns or roaring trucks can be a little off-putting at times during city travel. Turn that city travel into a symphony with good noise-cancelling earbuds. You can listen to your favorite travel soundtrack, podcasts, or even historical information about the city you’re in. There are so many great options out there on the market, it’s really hard to choose just one. The experts over atTechRadar ranked the Sony True WF-1000MX3 Wireless earbuds as their very best pick, even above some full headphone options! 

RadMini Foldable Electric Bike

If you live in a city and commute often, you’re probably familiar with foldable electric bikes. They’re an incredible option for getting to and from work on, taking on a train if need be and then origaming it down to slot under your desk. These bikes aren’t just good for commutes, they’re great for city travel too. Lightweight and packable, you can check them on to planes easily and carry/ride wherever you go. A sustainable option so you’re not relying on petrol vehicles either! ranked the Radminias the best all-round option out there at the moment. And, if you’re concerned about security, make sure you get agood lock and cable to protect that valuable gadget.  

Native Union Convertible Travel Adapter

The humble travel adapter is often overlooked as a piece of essential gadgetry. However, anyone who’s experienced low-battery anxiety knows these are key, especially during city travel. Native Union have come up with one that not only works in the USA, Europe and UK, but looks sleek and stylish as well! Its flat design means it will also slot behind hotel beds without a worry. Twin usb ports mean you can even charge a tablet and phone at the same time. The best thing is, this gadget charges your devices fast! It unlocks up to 50% power for your iPhone in under 30 minutes. Save time, do more, and get out to enjoy the most of your city travel.

Metrosafe X Anti-Theft Backpack for City Travel

When out on adventures in the city, the last thing you want is to be worrying about the security of all your gadgets. The Metrosafe X Anti-Theft 20L Recycled Backpack is designed to keep them all safe, organized and easy for you to store. It’s even made from recycled plastic bottles, to help keep city streets clean. With lockable zips, a neat hidden pocket in the back and an anchor strap that connects to secure fixtures, you’ll be able to focus on having fun during city travel more than ever. Let’s face it, that’s what city travel is all about! To check out the Metrosafe X Anti-Theft 20L Backpack, plus other great anti-theft bag options for city travel, headhere.

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