Wellness Travel: Top 3 Fitness Boot Camps

Everyone loves a good holiday vacation. However, there is one downside to this fun activity – its ability to disrupt your already healthy lifestyle. From indulging in glorious comfort food (with the excuse that you need to sample as many local delicacies as you can), to missing your gym workouts and drinking more mojitos than your liver can handle, going on a holiday can sometimes leave you feeling bloated and tired by the end of your trip.
Don’t worry, there’s a way around this. Try going  on a wellness holiday where you can kickstart your fitness routine and de-stress at the same time. Head to travel destinations where you can do a variety of activities including stress-relieving yoga or hiking and trekking.
This type of fitness holiday would definitely suit you if your New Year’s resolution is to get in shape and stay fit this year.
Check out these must-visit places, for a feel-good vacation:
Absolute Sanctuary Fusion Fitness, Thailand
Surrounded by lush vegetation, this sanctuary is located in the picturesque island of Koh Samui in Thailand – making it the perfect yoga retreat. When you arrive, you’ll receive a personal consultation and a specially designed programme that meets your fitness goals.
Start your morning with your choice of yoga class (including hot, restorative and meditation) as you take in the view, before feasting on a delicious yet healthy meal, complemented with a power-blast super shake. Other activities you could do include Muay Thai boxing, kickboxing, pilates, beach circuit, or even just taking a sunrise walk. Then, after a good workout, visit the award-winning spa to rejuvenate.
Sayanna Epic Bootcamp, Portugal
Offering an intense week of whole body boot camp workouts (5 hours a day), this is the place to test your endurance. You’ll definitely be in better shape by the end of your fitness vacation, thanks to the Sayanna’s workout programme, wellness meal plan, nutrition workshop, fitness club  and not forgetting its wellness spa that includes a sauna and turkish bath.
Red Mountain Resort, Utah
Nestled in a location famous for natural red rock cliffs, this wellness resort offers a range of health and fitness programmes including more than 50 fitness classes. Here, you can choose your fitness package based on your preference.  
Weekend Warrior Retreat Package: This quick, healthy retreat package is great because it features a three-day programme offering daily morning walks (don’t forget to bring along your Pacsafe Vibe 200 to store your essentials). Besides that, you can also participate in boot camp exercises, a canyon view yoga class, two personal training sessions, healthy cooking demonstrations and more.
Essential Fitness Package: This seven-day body boot camp includes activities like kickboxing, horseback riding and mountain biking. While cycling, stay hydrated by storing your water bottle and other sports gear in the lightweight, Pacsafe Vibe backpack. Designed with a smart and sporty look, not only does this bag look good, but it’ll also protect your gear with its anti-theft security features.
Weight Loss & Wellbeing Retreat Package: If you’re determined to lose weight and keep it off, this weight loss retreat package is for you.  It includes expert weight management advice from the resident fitness and wellness specialists, who will help you achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle. You’ll also be given unlimited access to fitness classes such as Tai Chi, cardio circuits and boot camp training. Besides that, you’ll also be given take home supplements to further help you with your workout goals at home.
Don’t forget to bring along your trusty Pacsafe backpack for total peace of mind, so you can really get into all the activities with no worries!
Have we inspired you to go on a healthy vacation yet?  All you need is your Pacsafe travel luggage and backpack and you’re ready to go! To get a headstart on your journey to a healthier lifestyle, you can even begin on the plane. Find out how with these 7 tips to eating healthy on a plane.