Streamline Your Life With These Simple Life Hacks

January 23, 2017 3 min read

Chaos. If that’s how your life feels, it may be time to step back and evaluate your habits. A cluttered lifestyle can easily be avoided by streamlining various aspects of your day-to-day activities. This will not only save time, but you will also feel more in control of your own life. To get you started, here are somesimple life hacks that you can use to helpstreamline your life.
Create a System
A system is basically anything that happens regularly – laundry, groceries, emails, errands, tasks, etc. By organizing these systems, you will realize the amount of time you save by structuring it carefully.
Let’s take a look at a well-organized laundry system. Instead of piling your used clean clothes on a chair, immediately hang it up or fold it into a designated basket. This will help you keep track of the clothes you have. Rather than leaving your dirty clothes on the ground, have 3 separate laundry bins (one each for dark, colored, and white clothes respectively). When one bin is full, you can then wash, dry, fold, and keep that set of clothes. Alternatively, you could designate one day a week as Laundry Day to get it all out.
The same idea can be applied to other aspects of your daily routine. Whether it’s a day for running errands or organizing your work emails, streamlining your systems is a great way todeclutter your life.
Go Paperless
Any form of paper can contribute to clutter. Magazines, newspapers, bills, letters, junk mail – physically receiving it will increase the probability of it turning into a mess. Make it a point to throw away junk mail once you receive it. Once you’re done with a magazine or newspaper, immediately recycle it. Basically, the rule is to immediately dispose or recycle paper that is of no use.
A better option would be for you to go digital. Subscribe to online news and magazine portals as it is cleaner and provides easier access when you’re always on the go. You could also automate most things such as bills and appointments. Instead of receiving bills physically, choose to receive and pay electronically. Use an online calendar with a reminder that you can access through all your devices to make it easier for you. The less paper you have to deal with, the more efficient your lifestyle can be.
Travel Capsule Wardrobe
Whether you’re traveling for long or short periods, it isn’t necessary for you to have check-in luggage. AVibe Anti-theft 40L backpack with days’ worth of clothing is all you need, regardless of how long your trip may be. Be decisive when you’re packing and try not to have repeated clothes. Having different clothing options is better than packing 5 of the same thing. Also, try to pick a color scheme to mix and match your clothes. Having a versatile wardrobe is better than overpacking. If you’re looking to build your owntravel capsule wardrobe, check out our guide here!
Streamlining your life may seem daunting, but in time you will realize how much time you save by making  simple changes. It’s important to remember that streamlining is a habit. The more you do it, the less you start thinking about it. Share with us if you have morelife hacks tostreamline your life.

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